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Clean your AWS account with one click

ยท 2 min read
Yolanda Robla

One of the main complexities of working with AWS is the amount of resources that can be created, either by manual or automated workflows. The chained resources and their dependencies can quickly get out of control, and it could be a nightmare to clean up then.

This is a common problem when using tests accounts, either for developing or testing some integrations. Often these accounts have resources out of control, causing you to incur on extra costs, or causing unexpected conflicts. Cleaning those manually can be a hard task... manually visiting each resource, investigating the dependencies, manually cleaning... it is a time-consuming, error-prone task. If we consider that those resources may be created in multiple regions, the manual procedure can become a very difficult task.

To solve this problem you can use our IaSQL engine. By simply clicking a button, our engine will get an snapshot of the status of your cloud, and will schedule deletion of the existing resources and its dependencies until your account is completely cleaned.

Want to try? Connect your AWS account to IaSQL for free using the dashboard. Read more about AWS account management in this part of our docs.


Please note that our engine can offer this cleanup only for the resources covered by our system. You can get a full coverage list here.

-- Installing all IaSQL modules
SELECT iasql_install(variadic array(select module_name from iasql_modules_list()));
-- Deleting all resources from the db
SELECT * FROM delete_all_records();
-- Previewing changes in your account
SELECT * FROM iasql_preview_apply();
-- Applying delete changes, please uncomment it to perform the cleanup
--SELECT * FROM iasql_apply();

After the initial module install, IaSQL will inspect your cloud and propose the resources to delete. If you agree with the proposed changes, please uncomment the apply statement and execute it, to let IaSQL completely cleans up your account.