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Version: 0.0.25

Table: codedeploy_deployment_group

Table to manage AWS CodeDeploy deployment group entities. You can specify one or more deployment groups for a CodeDeploy application. Each application deployment uses one of its deployment groups. The deployment group contains settings and configurations used during the deployment.


INSERT INTO codedeploy_deployment_group (application_id, name, role_name) VALUES
((SELECT id FROM codedeploy_application WHERE name = 'application-name'), 'deployment-group-name', 'role-name');

SELECT * FROM codedeploy_deployment_group WHERE name='deployment-group-name';

DELETE FROM codedeploy_deployment_group WHERE name = 'deployment-group-name'



application: codedeploy_application

Reference for the application to where this deployment group belongs

deployment_config_name: deployment_config_type

Deployment model to follow

Optional deployment_group_id: string

AWS generated ID for the deployment group

Optional deployments: codedeploy_deployment[]

List of the current deployments associated to this group

Optional ec2_tag_filters: { key: undefined | string ; type: ec2_tag_filter_type ; value: undefined | string }[]

Complex type used to filter the instances where the application will be deployed


name: string

Name for the Codedeploy deployment group

region: string

Region for the Codedeploy deployment group

Optional role: iam_role

Reference for the AWS role used by this deployment group