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Version: 0.0.25

Method: start_deploy

Method for deploying a CodeDeploy application revision through a deployment group.

Accepts the following parameters:

  • application: name of the application to deploy

  • deployment group: name of the deployment group to use

  • revision: complex type specifying the type and location of the revision to deploy

  • region: region where to trigger the deployment

Returns following columns:

  • id: the ID of the triggered deployment

  • status: OK if the build was started successfully

  • message: Error message in case of failure


  select * from start_deployment('test', 'test', '{
"revisionType": "GitHub",
"gitHubLocation": {
"repository": "iasql/iasql-codedeploy-example",
"commitId": "cf6aa63cbd2502a5d1064363c2af5c56cc2107cc"
}', 'us-east-2');