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Version: 0.0.25

Table: instance_metadata

Table to collect detailed information for all EC2 instances. It is directly associated to each instance. It is a read-only table.


TheButton[Show metadata from an EC2 instance]="Show metadata from an EC2 instance"

SELECT * FROM instance_metadata WHERE instance_id = (SELECT instance_id FROM instance WHERE tags ->> 'name' = 'test');



architecture: architecture

Architecture used for the instance

cpu_cores: number

Number of CPU cores assigned to the instance

ebs_optimized: boolean

If it is optimized for EBS


Optional id: number

Reference to the instance for what we are exposing the information same id as the instance table

instance_id: string

Internal AWS ID for the instance

launch_time: date

Time when the instance was launched

mem_size_mb: number

Memory in MB assigned to the instance

private_ip_address: string

Private IPV4 address

Optional public_dns_name: string

Public DNS name

Optional public_ip_address: string

Public IPV4 address

region: string

Region for the instance

Optional root_device_name: string

Name assigned to the root device


root_device_type: root_device_type

Type of root device used by the instance