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Version: 0.0.25

Table: cache_cluster

Table to manage ElastiCache clusters. A cluster is a collection of one or more cache nodes, all of which run an instance of the Redis cache engine software. When you create a cluster, you specify the engine and version for all of the nodes to use.


INSERT INTO cache_cluster (cluster_id, node_type, engine, num_nodes) VALUES ('cluster_name', 'cache.t1.micro', 'redis', 1);
SELECT * FROM cache_cluster WHERE cluster_id='cluster_name';
DELETE FROM cache_cluster WHERE cluster_id = 'cluster_name';



cluster_id: string

Internal AWS ID for the cluster

engine: engine

Engine to use for the cluster

node_type: string

Node type to use as a base for the cluster deployment


Optional num_nodes: number

Number of nodes to deploy for this specific cluster


region: string

Region for the cluster