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Version: 0.0.25

Table: iam_user

Table to manage AWS IAM users. An AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user is an entity that you create in AWS to represent the person or application that uses it to interact with AWS. A user in AWS consists of a name and credentials.


INSERT INTO iam_user (user_name, path, attached_policies_arns) VALUES ('user_name', '/username/',

SELECT * FROM iam_user WHERE user_name = 'user_name';

DELETE FROM iam_user WHERE user_name = 'user_name';



Optional access_keys: access_key[]

Access Keys associated to an specific user


Optional arn: string

AWS ARN to identify the user

Optional attached_policies_arns: string[]

ARN for the policies that are attached to this specific role


create_date: date

Creation date

Optional path: string

The path to the user must start and end with / only can contain alphanumeric characters


Optional user_id: string

AWS generated ID for the user

user_name: string

Name for the user Guaranteed unique in AWS Maximum 128 characters. Use alphanumeric and '+=,.@-_' characters.