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Version: 0.0.25

Table: memory_db_cluster

Table to manage Memory DB clusters. Amazon MemoryDB for Redis is a Redis-compatible, durable, in-memory database service that delivers ultra-fast performance. It is purpose-built for modern applications with microservices architectures.


INSERT INTO memory_db_cluster (cluster_name, subnet_group_id) VALUES ('cluster_name', (select id from subnet_group where subnet_group_name = 'subnet_name'));
SELECT * FROM memory_db_cluster WHERE cluster_name = 'cluster_name';
DELETE FROM memory_db_cluster WHERE cluster_name = 'cluster_name';



Optional address: string

Address for the memory db cluster


Optional arn: string

AWS ARN to identify the cluster

cluster_name: string

Name for the cluster

Optional description: string

Description for the cluster

node_type: node_type

Node type used for the nodes of the cluster

port: number

Port for the memory db cluster


region: string

Region for the cluster

Optional security_groups: security_group[]

Reference to the security groups associated with the cluster


Optional status: string

Current status of the cluster todo: enum?

subnet_group: subnet_group

Reference to the subnet groups associated with the cluster


Optional tags: Object

Complex type to provide identifier tags for the cluster


Type definition

[key: string]: string