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Version: 0.0.25

Table: parameter_group

Table to manage AWS RDS parameter groups. Database parameters specify how the database is configured. For example, database parameters can specify the amount of resources, such as memory, to allocate to a database.

A DB parameter group acts as a container for engine configuration values that are applied to one or more DB instances.


INSERT INTO parameter_group (name, family, description) VALUES ('pg_name', 'postgres14', 'description');
SELECT params ->> 'ParameterValue' as value FROM parameter_group, jsonb_array_elements(parameters) as params
WHERE name = 'pg_name' AND params ->> 'DataType' = 'boolean' AND params ->> 'IsModifiable' = 'true';

DELETE FROM parameter_group WHERE name = 'pg_name';



Optional arn: string

AWS ARN for the parameter group

description: string

Description for the parameter group

family: parameter_group_family

Family for the parameter group

name: string

Name for the parameter group

Optional parameters: parameter[]

Complex type to represent the list of parameters for the group


region: string

Region for the instance