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Version: 0.0.25

Table: endpoint_gateway

Table to manage AWS Gateway endpoints. Gateway endpoints provide reliable connectivity to Amazon S3 and DynamoDB without requiring an internet gateway or a NAT device for your VPC. Gateway endpoints do not enable AWS PrivateLink.


INSERT INTO endpoint_gateway (service, vpc_id, tags) SELECT 's3', id, '{"Name": "s3_gateway"}'
FROM vpc WHERE is_default = false AND cidr_block = '';
SELECT * FROM endpoint_gateway WHERE tags ->> 'name' = 's3_gateway';
DELETE FROM endpoint_gateway WHERE tags ->> 'name' = 's3_gateway';



Optional policy_document: string

Complex type representing the policy associated to this gateway


region: string

Reference to the region where it belongs

Optional route_table_ids: string[]

Complex type representing the route tables associated with this gateway


service: endpoint_gateway_service

Service type associated to this gateway

Optional state: string

Current state for the gateway

Optional tags: Object

Complex type to provide identifier tags for the instance

Type definition

[key: string]: string

Optional vpc: vpc

Reference to the VPC associated to this gateway

Optional vpc_endpoint_id: string

AWS ID to identify the gateway