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Version: 0.0.25

Table: nat_gateway

Table to manage AWS NAT Gateway instances. A NAT gateway is a Network Address Translation (NAT) service. You can use a NAT gateway so that instances in a private subnet can connect to services outside your VPC but external services cannot initiate a connection with those instances.


INSERT INTO nat_gateway (connectivity_type, subnet_id, tags) SELECT 'private', id, '{"Name":"nat_gateway"}
FROM subnet WHERE cidr_block = '';

SELECT * FROM nat_gateway WHERE tags ->> 'name' = 'nat_gateway';

DELETE FROM nat_gateway WHERE tags ->> 'name' = 'nat_gateway';



connectivity_type: connectivity_type

Connectivity type for this NAT gateway

Optional elastic_ip: elastic_ip

Reference to the elastic IP used by this NAT gateway


Optional nat_gateway_id: string

AWS ID to identify the NAT gateway

region: string

Reference to the region where it belongs

Optional state: nat_gateway_state

Current state for the gateway

Optional subnet: subnet

Reference to the associated subnets for the NAT gateway


Optional tags: Object

Complex type to provide identifier tags for the gateway

Type definition

[key: string]: string