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Infrastructure as data in PostgreSQL

Inspect and provision cloud infrastructure via a PostgreSQL database

Create EC2 InstanceCreate EC2 Instance

How IaSQL works

IaSQL is an open-source developer tool that maintains a 2-way connection between your AWS account and a PostgreSQL database. The rows in the database tables represent the infrastructure in your cloud account.

Two way connectionTwo way connection

Automatically import existing infrastructure

Connect an AWS account to IaSQL to provision a PostgreSQL db and automatically backfill the database with your existing cloud resources. No need to redefine or reconcile existing infrastructure.

Don't learn a new API (Probably)

No learning curve if you are already familiar with SQL. We provide an unmodified PostgreSQL database. Use any migration system, ORM or database connector.

The definitive state of your cloud

IaSQL's module system lets you specify which parts of your cloud infrastructure you wish to control as tables in PostgreSQL


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