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UPDATE iasql SET source = 'open';

ยท 2 min read
L. Fernando De Pombo
David Ellis
Alejandro Guillen

We are excited to announce that IaSQL is now open source! The main repository is As perfectionists, we feel like IaSQL will never be truly ready. However, we believe IaSQL is at the point where it can start to be useful for developers managing infrastructure in the cloud. IaSQL is a SaaS that lets you model your infrastructure as data by maintaining a 2-way connection between your AWS account and a Postgres SQL database to represent the definitive state (and status) of your cloud which cannot be achieved with a static infrastructure declaration. This means that when you connect an AWS account to an IaSQL instance it automatically backfills the database with your existing cloud resources. No need to painstakingly redefine or reconcile your existing infrastructure and IaSQL's module system means you can specify which parts of your cloud infrastructure you wish to control.


IaSQL also makes it possible to express infrastructure changes as code that can be version controlled. This can be done with any migration system for schema and data changes, or in a script using idempotent SQL inserts more akin to IaC.

PostgreSQL IaSQL databases can be provisioned and configured locally or via our hosted offering. The dashboard calls the IaSQL container which is a Node.js server written in Typescript that provisions unmodified PostgreSQL instances loaded with tables representing AWS services controlled via the AWS SDK. AWS is our main focus at the moment, but we plan to support GCP, Azure and other cloud providers soon. This is an updated list of the AWS services that we currently support. Let us know if you need a specific AWS service and we should be able prioritize it!


We want to make it easier to write IaSQL modules, reduce waiting times when provisioning infrastructure, add more functionality to the existing AWS services, and so on. The list of things we want to build into IaSQL is long, but we want to do it in the open with your feedback and help. Drop us a line on Discord!