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Version: 0.1.9


Table to manage AWS CodeBuild build entities. AWS CodeBuild is a fully managed continuous integration service that compiles source code, runs tests, and produces ready-to-deploy software packages.

A build represents a set of actions performed by AWS CodeBuild to create output artifacts (for example, a JAR file) based on a set of input artifacts (for example, a collection of Java class files).

This table can only be used to check the existing builds, and delete them. The main builds are created via a CodeBuild project.



arn: string

AWS ARN to identify the build

aws_id: string

Internal ID to identify the build

Optional build_number: number

The number of the build. For each project, the buildNumber of its first build is 1. The buildNumber of each subsequent build is incremented by 1. If a build is deleted, the buildNumber of other builds does not change.

build_status: build_status

Current status for the build

Optional end_time: date

Time when the build finished

project: codebuild_project

Associated project for the build. AWS allows builds to exist once the project has been deleted

region: string

Region for the certificate creation

Optional start_time: date

Time when the build was started