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Version: 0.1.9


Table to manage AWS OpenSearch domains. AWS OpenSearch supports both OpenSearch and ElasticSearch.



access_policy: policy

IAM Access policy for the cluster

auto_tune: boolean

Auto-tune uses metrics to suggest improvements on opensearch cluster

availability_zone_count: number

Number of availability zones the opensearch should operate in - between 1 and 3

Optional cold_storage: boolean

Enable cold storage to have infrequently-accessed data on a cold disk

Optional custom_endpoint: string

Custom endpoint to use for opensearch application

Optional custom_endpoint_certificate: certificate

ForeignKey to the certificate that will be used with the custom domain

Optional dedicated_master_count: number

How many master instances?

Optional dedicated_master_type: open_search_partition_instance_type

Instance type for master instances

domain_name: string

Name to identify the domain

Optional ebs_options: ebs_options

Options for the EBS volume if applicable - e.g. {"Iops": 3000, "EBSEnabled": true, "Throughput": 125, "VolumeSize": 10, "VolumeType": "gp3"}

enable_fine_grained_access_control: boolean

Enable to have fine-grained access control on the cluster

Optional endpoint: string

Endpoint that can be used to access the opensearch application - comes from the cloud

Optional fine_grained_access_control_master_password: string

Admin password

Optional fine_grained_access_control_master_username: string

Admin username - can't be used together with user ARN

Optional fine_grained_access_control_user_arn: string

Admin user ARN for fine-grained-access control - should not have username and password if this is set

instance_count: number

Number of instances that'll run opensearch. Min: 1 - Max: 80

instance_type: open_search_partition_instance_type

Instance type that is used for opensearch instances

region: string

Region for the domain

Optional security_groups: security_group[]

Security groups for opensearch instances

Optional subnets: subnet[]

Subnets that opensearch instances should operate in

version: string

Version of the opensearch application - like OpenSearch_2.3

Optional warm_instance_count: number

How many warm instances should opensearch have?

Optional warm_instance_type: open_search_warm_partition_instance_type

Instance type that's used for warm instances