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Table to manage images to be published in ECR repositories. Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) stores Docker images, Open Container Initiative (OCI) images, and OCI compatible artifacts in private repositories. You can use the Docker CLI, or your preferred client, to push and pull images to and from your repositories.

This table can only list and delete the associated images



image_digest: string

The sha-256 digest of the image manifest

image_id: string

Internal ID for the instance composed by digest + tag + repo type + repository name [+ region]

image_tag: string

The tag used for the image

Optional private_repository: repository

Reference to the private repository that is containing the image

private_repository_region: string

In the case of a private repository, reference to the region where it belongs to

Optional public_repository: public_repository

Reference to the public repository that is containing the image

pushed_at: date

Date the image was pushed into the repository

Optional registry_id: string

The Amazon Web Services account ID associated with the registry to which this image belongs.

size_in_mb: number

Size of the image in MB