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Table to manage AWS Route 53 recordsets. After you create a hosted zone for your domain, such as, you create records to tell the Domain Name System (DNS) how you want traffic to be routed for that domain. Each record includes the name of a domain or a subdomain, a record type (for example, a record with a type of MX routes email), and other information applicable to the record type (for MX records, the host name of one or more mail servers and a priority for each server).



Optional alias_target: alias_target

Reference to the alias target for this record

name: string

Name for the recordset

parent_hosted_zone: hosted_zone

Reference to the hosted zone for this record

Optional record: string

Content for the record to create. Content will depend on the type of record to create


record_type: record_type

Type of record to create

Optional ttl: number

The amount of time, in seconds, that you want DNS recursive resolvers to cache information about this record