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Version: 0.1.9

Connecting to PostgreSQL

The IaSQL dashboard provides an IDE-like SQL editor built specifically for the IaSQL needs that can be used to run queries on the database(s) connected to your cloud account(s).


It is also possible to connect to an IaSQL PostgreSQL database without the dashboard because it is just a vanilla PostgreSQL database. The required information to connect to a PostgreSQL database will be provided when you connect an AWS account when provisioning the database. IaSQL does not store your database password so it will only be displayed when the database is provisioned. If you lose the password, you can recreate the database by disconnecting and connecting your account again using the same region and AWS credentials.


PostgreSQL Clients‚Äč

PostgreSQL has a built-in command line client, psql, which you can use to connect to your database and run queries. To install psql in your command line follow the instructions for your corresponding OS here.

One of the reasons we built IaSQL on an unmodified PG is because of the vast ecosystem we get to stand on. This PostgreSQL Client wiki contains an extensive list of all the different clients you can use to connect to a PG database provisioned with IaSQL.